DVD wholesale - the 100: Season 6

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DVD Wholesale Quick Overview:

Now, after 125 years in cryo-sleep, travelling through the stars, our heroes wake up to a new home, a final gift from their dearly departed friend Monty. A place where they can try again. They’re given one simple task: do better. Be the good guys. With this credo in mind, Clarke and Bellamy lead a group down to this mysterious world, hoping to start anew, to finally find peace. But old habits die hard and when they discover an idyllic society, it quickly becomes clear that not everything on Sanctum is as perfect as it seems. Despite their determination to do better, threats, both seen and unseen, internal and external, will once again force our heroes to fight for their lives and the future of humanity.


DVD Wholesale Main Features:

Language: English (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Region: Region 1
Rated: NR – Not Rated
Number of disc: 3
Run Time: 528.00 minutes
ASIN: B07Y33KJ72

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